Security Cabinet 

Protecting yourself is very important.  Having a security cabinet to keep your personal belongings is a great idea, but why not have your security cabinet be a piece of wall art as well?  Sure, you could go with the basic design with nothing on it, whether to keep it as-is or design it yourself, but we can definitely help you save time and money while brightening up your area!  Below you will find examples of the type of options we offer.


$299 (Without lock)


(More options available)

To purchase your very own custom security cabinet, the cost will be starting at $299.  Your custom security cabinet may feature your choice of a lock (classic lock and key, keycard, fingerprint, hidden, etc.) and a premium art piece of your choice.

The price of your custom security cabinet will consist of your choice of lock, plus the price of the wall art piece you choose, if any.


Please include which piece in particular you would like on your cabinet in the order notes box upon checkout.

For Example:

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